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Since 1977, Papeleria JPUY is a leading ans specialized company of comprehensive office supplies for both, private and public entities in Catalunya (servicing other regions within Spain).

  • State Entities - State-level and regional
  • Public Companies - Transportation, logistics, shipping sectors, etc.
  • Private Companies - SMEs and multinationals
  • Other Institutions - Universities and schools, public and private health sector, sports clubs, philantropic entities, NGOs, associations, etc.
  • Individuals

A modern management with embedded values of service and excellence. Over 39 years of relationship and consolidated experience working alongside with you.


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  • Catering to your specific needs and parameters: sector, size, structure, internal processes and cycles, etc...
  • Broad span of products and services
  • Access to out-of-catalogue products and tailor-made solutions


  • Client service to place your order and inquiries by phone to 93 315 28 54
  • 24H Internet Platform through our On-line Catalogue/Shop
  • Via email: orders ans inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Via FAX to 93 315 02 92


  • Daily delivery
  • Fast-track delivery, catering to your last-minute requests
  • Propietary warehouse and broad product stock for logistics adapting to your needs


  • Excellent price-quality
  • Negotiated pricing and conditions for institutional and corporate accounts
  • Compelling product offers all-year-around